The permanent exhibition of Gavà can take some notions that will be useful when visiting the historical sites and natural manages: Gavà Prehistoric Mines Archaeological Park, the Botanical Gardens or  Eramprunyà Castle.

The Museum proposes 5 different routes to discover the historic past and natural heritage of the area. Murtra's lake, Eramprunyà Castle, the chapel and several farmhouses in Bruguers are some of the spaces star tours.

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The Mystery of Variscite

Are you daring enough to explore the depths of the mines? You have been chosen by the Council to recover the goddess Vega. Follow the recommendations of Tercae, the tribe's druid! (In Catalan).

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The Artesian Well

Have you ever wondered where well water comes from? This simple animation will help illustrate how and why we can extract water from the subsoil. (In Catalan).

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The Gavà Venus

Complete the picture of this 5,000 year old fertility goddess and discover the reason behind its intriguing shape. (In Catalan).

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Lost in the Garraf

Are you an expert on flora, fauna and geology? Can you keep your bearings in the middle of the woods? Beat the game's four levels to find out what's hiding in the Garraf Nature Park. (In Catalan).

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Why do archaeologists excavate

Have you ever thought about becoming an archaeologist? We want to help you understand how archaeological sites are formed and how they are located today. (In Catalan).

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Visita guiada express al Museu de Gavà

Has visitat el Parc Arqueològic i vols veure in situ les peces originals trobades a les mines? Amb la visita guiada express veuràs de prop la Venus de Gavà i la resta de peces úniques.

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Visita guiada al Castell d’Eramprunyà

Si desitgeu conèixer aquest important enclavament històric i paisatgístic ho podeu fer a través de la visita guiada al castell a càrrec dels voluntaris de la Unió Muntanyenca Eramprunyà.

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El Servei Pedagògic del Museu de Gavà   té per objectiu difondre un patrimoni cultural i natural de gran riquesa i oferir activitats i recursos didàctics de qualitat a tota la comunitat educativa, tot plegat des d’una metodologia orientada a l’acció.

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Online Journals

Rubricatum. Revista del Museu de Gavà

Rubricatum is published by the Museum of Gavà aimed scientific publication of the work concerning the history and archeology of Gavà and its area of ​​influence. The magazine-type monograph is published since 1994.

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