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Who we are?

Who we are?

Throughout Catalan territory, we come across a series of ancient settlements and sites which constitute Catalonia's archaeological heritage. One of our country's immense riches, this heritage helps us understand who we are.

Since 2010, a large number of these institutions form part of ArqueoXarxa. This network, which incorporates Catalonia's primary archaeology museums, facilities and sites, is charged with drafting joint conservation, disclosure and regional stimulation policies, while respecting the diversity of each member facility.
First and foremost, in addition to improving the manner in which these museums manage their collections and facilities and implementing collaborative work programmes, ArqueoXarxa strives to define new ways of representation and interrelation to help the public discover this cultural legacy.
Territory, conservation, innovation, accessibility and sustainability are ArqueoXarxa's five core values and its objective as a system which represents archaeology in Catalonia. Let us guide you and help you understand and enjoy our past and discover our territory's idiosyncrasies.

Current ArqueoXarxa members include:

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